Over the past twenty years, Lisa Gentry’s work has been widely collected across the country and has been featured in television series and film, including five seasons on the Fox Television series, “Living Single,” the Showtime Movie, “Circle of Pain,” and feature film “Making Mavis.” Her work has been in group and solo shows in Los Angeles galleries, including a group show at the M Hanks Gallery in Santa Monica, a solo show at the Vanek Collection and a group show at the Loyola Marymount Gallery. Lisa recently moved from Los Angeles to Washington DC where her focus includes a new series on “Art and Social Change.”

Abstract Work: The “Lost in Space, “Water Music” and “Angels” Series and “Recent Work”:

Lisa’s abstract work is primarily driven by her desire to create a visual representation of the unseen Universe underlying what we perceive on a conscious level. This Universe reflects the brilliant and sometimes unimaginable colors of the Divine and is undergirded by floating geometric objects which form the building blocks. Shapes are suspended in a sea of undulating colors and Lisa layers a variety of mixed media on the canvas—from color saturated diaphanous tissue paper to construction paper, twine and purposely thick protrusions of paint. In the “Water Music” and “Angels” series, Lisa has created a body of work representing the interior world of what we experience on the surface, from the lyrical color interplay found in tropical oceans, inspired by her time living in Haiti, to Lisa’s conception of angels as beings of light, reflecting the bounty of the Creator. Lisa’s “Recent Work” focuses on emotional deconstruction, from the large mixed media on canvas piece entitled “Love Deconstructed” to the spiritual journey represented by growth and maturity reflected in the “Journeys” triptych. Lisa’s work is primarily acrylic on canvas and mixed media.

Abstract Expressionism: “Faces” Series

Lisa’s abstract expressionist work is more representational and figurative, but with the continuation of the theme of viewing the interior interplay of an object. The work in the “Faces” series depicts women with purposely blank faces juxtaposed against a tapestry of vivid colors. The color palette used in each painting reflects the emotional state of mind of the figure and the “Faces” are intended to be a canvas upon which the viewer can place herself or himself within the world created by color and form.

Art and Social Change:

This is a new series of works designed to catalyze social change through an artistic aesthetic and visual messaging. Lisa is currently working on a series around one of the key issues threatening our democracy. Stay tuned for more… 


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